• You are expected to complete a booking form if you are to meet me, forms which are lacking in detail and effort will be ignored.

  • I do not do on the day bookings, I require at least 24 hours notice for all bookings which are within or out of my working hours.

  • If you would like to book me out of my working hours I will require a 50% increment on top of the booking fee.

  • My domination sessions take place at a play space in Central London from 10am until 8pm Monday - Friday



For my safety you will need to verify yourself. These are your options:

  • Link to your active social media profile, this could include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Adultwork account.

  • Ideally two references from independent Escorts or Dominatrix (worldwide).

  • Photo of your ID and a selfie of you holding the ID

  • If you are from the UK, You can verify yourself from a registered phone number

  • If you cannot provide the above, we may have a brief 30 second telephone conversation as I am an excellent judge of character simply by listening to how you conduct yourself over the phone.




  • A 50% deposit is required to confirm your session with me, all deposits are non-refundable.

  • If you cancel your session with at least 24 hours notice I will transfer your deposit to be used for another session with me, you must specify on the day for which day you would like to rebook our session.

  • If you give me less than 24 hours notice your deposit will under no circumstance be refunded to you.

  • Deposits can be sent via Paypal or via bank transfer (details of this can be found under my Prices tab)

  • After I receive your deposit, we may communicate via phone and I will start planning our session.

  • If you are paying the remaining balance of your session fee in cash then you will be expected to place the fee in an unsealed envelope directly in my hand as soon as you enter my play space. I will not tolerate any hesitation or non adherence to this requirement.

  • I accept British Sterling only

  • I run a tight schedule and my time is precious thus I expect all my sessions to start on time and If you are late for your appointment I will deduct that time from the session. If you are beyond 20 mins late without any communication I will consider that booking a ‘no show’.

  • If you are early please do not hang around outside the building but rather go to a nearby cafe and wait until you are due your appointment, discretion is key and I expect you to be aware if this.

  • I will not tolerate drunken or adolescent behaviour, if this happens during my session you will be ordered to leave and blacklisted.

  • Hygiene - Although it is likely that I will make you feel like dirt in my session this does not mean you should not make an effort to turn up to my booking unpresentable. The play space provides a shower, toiletries and fresh towels for you to freshen up but nonetheless you should arrive looking presentable for your Mistress.