Finally, it’s all over. After months in isolation in my lonely flat the government has lifted the lockdown, relaxed social distancing and we’re all now free to go about our business as usual. Working life is going back to normal and my favourite kink event has decided to put on a huge play party to celebrate our new found freedom.

For the last few months, I’ve sat in my studio apartment desperately clinging to the hope this day would come sooner rather than later. As each deadline approached the excitement inside me built with every hour that passed, only for a crash of disappointment when the lockdown was again extended. It was a never ending emotional rollercoaster and I grasped desperately for anything I could to keep me going. I turned to the Internet and religiously followed some pro-dommes I’d dreamt of serving for many years, lapping up all of the videos they uploaded daily. I thought my cock might fall off with the amount of rigorous wanking I did and after six long weeks on my own decided that I needed to make a change.

Every morning I started to wake up at 5 am instead of having a leisurely lie in I’d quickly become accustomed to. I did some yoga, hit the punch bag and got out for a 10km run before most of my neighbours had crawled out of bed. I worked through the day and ate sensibly in the evening, making sure that I did a few hundred sit ups before bed. I had a goal in mind and at the end of this, I’d have something to look forward to.

In the first week, I dropped a few lbs and felt more positive, but the urge to wank myself dry kept threatening to derail my focus. I needed help, so I bought a chastity device and contacted my favourite Dominatrix, Mistress Terra, to take control over my cock. We came to an agreement. She would be my keyholder during the lockdown and, at the first available opportunity, I would get a session with her to be released.

My new chastity cage arrived in the post and, once securely locked to my flaccid cock, I packaged up the key and sent it to Mistress Terra. The moment it dropped into the post box adrenaline flooded my system. On the walk back to my flat I messaged my Goddess and quickly received a reply.

“Good slave. It pleases me to know that your cock is locked in a cage and won’t be touched again until we meet in person. Once you arrive at home you’ll log into my OnlyFans account and watch videos of me for an hour.”

Moments later a second message arrived.

“I want you to think about what serving me as my slave means to you. You’ll watch me intimately touching myself in the videos and think about the first time we meet. Just imagine seeing me in person, kneeling at my feet and, if you obey every order I send to you, I might just use you for my own pleasure and amusement.”

A third and final message landed in my inbox.

“I want to chain you up, arms above your head and your legs spread wide apart with your exposed caged cock hanging between your naked thighs. Think about seeing my long legs in high heels standing before you and a bullwhip in my hands. The smell of rubber in the air from my latex clad body. Your legs are going to tremble with fear and I’ll stroke the whip between my fingers. As I crack it in mid air your heart will pound hard inside your chest. Please Me and I might even bend you over and fuck your tight virgin ass with my strapon. Now go, do as you’ve been told and message me once the hour ends.”

It went on like this for weeks. Occasionally Mistress would send me a message of the key to my cage hanging between her glistening tits or dangling around her ankle showing off her newly pedicured feet. If I missed a deadline to send her a confirmation picture that my cage was still secured locked to my cock Mistress would send me a picture of her holding the key over a toilet threatening to flush it.

One morning I woke up and got on with my routine. Yoga, punch bag, run, breakfast then started work on the laptop in my office. It had been like this for 2 months straight. I flicked on the TV in my office and the news we’d all been waiting for was plastered across the screen. The lockdown was over, but precautions still needed to be taken for another 2 weeks before everything could return to some form of normality. The wait continued.

In the months I’d been locked in the cage my balls had swollen. They were full of cum and with the teasing videos Mistress made me watch every day it wasn’t getting any easier. Pre-cum had started to dribble out of me uncontrollably as I became aroused with my cock struggling to be contained in the metal device. All I could think about was seeing my keyholder in person and having her unlock me.

After 2 months and 16 days, we were all told to get back to a normal. Adverts for play parties started hitting my Twitter feed and soon after Mistress Terra messaged me.

“Saturday, at 9 pm, London. You’ll receive a message with the location at 8 pm on Saturday.”

That was it. Nothing more. I knew exactly what she meant. Our play session was on.

I had another 3 days of waiting to deal with. With my train tickets and hotel booked I did nothing but clock watch. The days of isolation during lockdown were tedious, but this was pure torture. Mistress didn’t make it any easier on me. She sent a countdown message with the amount of hours left until our session every 6 hours along with a picture. The pictures would be of her soaking wet tits showing through a work out top after exercising or the key to my cage between her lips. Feeling a sharp pain as the tip of my cock hit against the end of the cage when it tried to get hard was a constant reminder that I wasn’t in control.

Eventually, Saturday arrived. It was a beautiful day and my journey down to London was smooth. The train was packed, full of people enjoying their freedom of movement again. I couldn’t help wondering if they could tell I was caged underneath my jeans. There wasn’t much of a bulge, but it didn’t stop me wondering. The thought actually excited me a little.

After checking into my hotel I went out for a bite to eat before returning to shower and getting changed into some clean clothes. Without knowing the location I opted for a smart suit and polished shoes. The last thing I needed was to stand out in a crowd for the wrong reasons, so I played it safe.

As the clock on my hotel room wall hit 8 pm a text alert flashed up on my phone.

“Club X, 9 pm sharp. Tell the person on the door that you’re on the Mistress Terra guest list. She’ll give you an envelope containing further instructions.”

I walked to the closest tube station and got the underground to the club. I couldn’t stop fidgeting as I stood in the packed carriage surrounded by people going out in central London for the evening. Were some of them going to the club? My mind suddenly raced with anticipation of what was going to happen once I arrived. I’d waited months and it felt a little surreal that my fantasies were all going to come true.

Upon arriving at the club I spotted a woman at the door with a clipboard. She handed me a plain sealed white envelope when I asked about the Mistress Terra guest list. I walked through the door and entered the club.

Club X is a huge venue with multiple rooms over a number of floors. Each room has a different theme. Some contain bondage equipment including spanking benches and metal cages. Others are dedicated to rope play with numerous suspension points and mats all over the floors. There’s even a medical room filled with sterilised implements and a gyno chair.

On the ground floor, there’s a large open space where people congregate before heading off to play. It also has changing rooms, a cloakroom, two bars and toilets.

The basement is a mystery to me. I’ve never been down there as it’s an exclusive invite-only space with an electronic keycard system at the door just to get in. I’ve been to the club many times but I’ve never been invited down there. Those that have been there told me that there are two black doors with a corridor between them. They wouldn’t tell me anything else.

I opened the envelope. Inside was a beautifully handwritten note containing a list of clear numbered instructions. The list read as follows:

Welcome to the greatest night of your pathetic little life. Tonight you’re here to serve Me and for my enjoyment exclusively. Everything you do from this moment on will be to please Me. Fail to do this and you will be severely punished. Failure to meet the high standards I expect from my slaves and you’ll leave here with that cage locked onto your cock for another 2 months.

  1. Go to the cloakroom and ask for bag 457.
  2. Take the bag to the changing room and read the instructions inside the envelope inside the bag.

Without hesitation, I walked to the cloakroom, asked for bag 457 and made my way quickly to the changing rooms. I placed the bag on a bench and opened it. This time a dark red envelope sat on top of the items inside the bag. It had another handwritten letter and a shiny purple card that was similar to a credit card inside it. The card had the number 2 printed on both sides and what appeared to be a microchip in the top corner.

The letter read as follows:

  1. Take off your clothes and place them neatly inside the bag.
  2. Put on the enclosed latex shorts, wrist and ankle cuffs and the collar.
  3. Take the bag back to the cloakroom and tell them it’s bag 457.
  4. Go to the basement. Use the enclosed keycard in the door.
  5. Once you reach the basement insert the key into the door that corresponds with the number on the keycard.
  6. Kneel inside the room on the floor and face the floor. 
  7. I’ll enter when I’m ready. Only then will the fun begin.

I quickly stripped off my suit and shoes then placed them neatly in a pile on the bench beside the bag. I started with the latex shorts, which were crotchless. The black latex was already well shined and fully exposed my caged cock and ass. They fit perfectly and hugged my skin tightly.

The black leather ankle and wrist cuffs had metal buckles on each one that was simple enough to fit securely to each limb. I ensured they were fitted correctly before locking the collar around my neck. It was made of soft black leather that felt very luxurious and a small metal o-ring hung down at the front of it.

In all my excitement I suddenly realised that a string of pre-cum was hanging from the end of my cage. Looking up I noticed a large mirror hung on the wall in the changing room and I saw myself in the outfit Mistress had chosen for me. I’d never had my caged cock exposed like this at an event before and the thrill sent chills down my spine. I grabbed a tissue from a box sat on a shelf, wiped up the pre-cum and threw it in a bin before picking up the bag from the bench and heading back to the cloakroom.

“Enjoy your session,” the cloakroom woman said to me as I handed it to her. Had Mistress told her what she planned to do with me? I didn’t have a chance to ask as she walked back into the storeroom with the bag.

The club had filled up more since I’d arrived. Numerous subs with collars on knelt at the feet of beautiful goddesses clad in leather, latex and lingerie. Some had a leash attached to their collars, while others were free to complete tasks set by their dominants. Trips to the bar to fetch drinks then hold them until their domina demanded it was common. This was a place where female domination ruled.

With the keycard in my hand, I headed to the basement door. On the way, I walked past a number of open doors to some of the playrooms. The crack of a whip pierced through the cries of submissive males and a few females receiving spankings slaps and being verbally humiliated.

A leggy blonde wearing blue lace lingerie and spiked black high heels had her submissive’s head firmly in her hand forcing it onto the cock of another sub who was strapped naked to a large freestanding Saint Andrew’s cross.

“You pathetic slut. Open your mouth wider and take that cock in your mouth willingly or I’ll force your head onto it. Do as you’re told or I’ll have him fuck your whore ass and cum inside you. I won’t need lube then as I stretch you nice and wide with my thick rubber cock as your gaping ass will allow me to slide right into you. You’ll take it for me, won’t you? Now be a good slut for me. Suck that cock”

In the next room, a sub lapped his tongue over the bare soles of a busty redhead. She sat completely nude high up in a throne chair with her slave lying flat on his back on the floor with his hands delicately massaging Her feet while he eagerly licked at them.

“Good boy. That feels so nice. Work your tongue up my arches. Yes. That’s right. Right there. Softer. SOFTER.”

When the submissive failed to comply she thrust her heel downwards with force into his exposed genitals. He let out a squeal and whimpered but was quickly quieted when his dominant pushed her foot into his mouth.

The plain black door to the basement was at the end of the corridor. There was no sign above the door or anything to advertise what was behind it. Discreet. Mysterious. Exclusive.

I inserted the keycard into the slot attached to the door handle and a small green LED light shone to indicate it was now unlocked. I pushed the handle down and stepped inside, closing the door behind me.

Bright spotlights illuminated a plush wide hardwood floor staircase down to the basement. The walls were matt black and I couldn’t see what was at the bottom as they appeared to curve around to the left further down. I walked slowly down the stairs and found a corridor that measured around 20 meters in length. There was a door on either side at the end of each wall. I walked cautiously down to the end and put my keycard in the door to the right, which had a large number 2 stencilled onto it. Again, a small green LED light shone next to the handle once I’d entered the keycard and, after taking a deep breath, I entered the room.

Room 2 was large and dimly lit. It had smooth wooden floorboards on the floor, spotlights at regular intervals across the ceiling and long floor to ceiling red velvet curtains hung down the length of the wall until it reached a single door at the end. On the other side of the room full length mirrors covered the complete length of the wall. A red leather spanking bench with a black metal frame sat at the far end of the room and a shiny metal bar with clips at either end hung from a wire in the ceiling in the centre. No toys or implements were visible, so I presumed either Mistress wouldn’t be using anything or she’d bring it with Her when she entered.

The room felt comfortable. Clean. Warm. Minimalist. The expansive space put me at ease despite its size. After a few moments of shuffling slowly into the room, a soft voice came out of no-where.


I instinctively looked behind me then all around the room. There was no-one else in the space with me.

“Kneel!” I heard it again. This time it was shouted and said in a more forceful way. Without hesitating I dropped to my knees and lowered by head towards the floor.

I didn’t spot a camera or a window Mistress Terra could see me through, so I had no idea how she knew I was in the room. Knowing that she might be watching me as I obeyed Her order sent my heart racing and I felt my locked cock straining with excitement in the cage.

I had no concept of time while I knelt waiting. The minutes ticked by and I continued staring at the floorboards below me. My knees started to ache after more waiting. The time gave me an opportunity to reflect on the months of servitude I’d given to Mistress Terra. The reward was close. For her, maybe not for me.

Suddenly I heard a sound at the far end of the room. The door at the end of the room opened then closed with a bang. Again, silence filled the space for another minute until the clicking of high heels coming towards me punctured the calm. The click clack noises came slowly, a few seconds apart. This intentional patient pace evoked a pulse of excitement that caught hold of my whole body. As Mistress got closer, so did the sound of Her heels. She was picking up the pace and my heart throbbed with glee.

A pair of leather high heeled boots emerged in front of me and stood perfectly still spread shoulder-width apart. I felt a hand touch my hair and grip it loosely.

“Months of waiting and you’re finally here. I’ve thought about this night and touched my wet pussy thinking about all of the things I’m going to do with you. You’re mine to do with whatever I want. Please me and at the end of this, I might take that cage off you and let you cum. Failure will not be tolerated. Fail Me and you’ll suffer in ways you could never imagine.”

Mistress gripped my hair much tighter between Her fingers and pushed my head towards Her boots, the metal heels sparkling under the spotlights. The intoxicating smell of latex permeated my nostrils making my exposed arsehole pucker.

“Look at me before you’re given permission to do so and I’ll cut your cock off and fuck your ass with it.”

The message came across crystal clear. Fuck up and I’d be made to suffer.

“You can start by cleaning my boots. Use your tongue and lick them until you’re told to stop. I want to see nice long licks and pay extra attention to my heels. I’ll repeat, do not look at me until I give you permission. Now get to work. Start lapping your tongue over my beautiful leather boots.”

With Mistress guiding my head forcefully down towards Her right boot I lapped my tongue softly over the leather until she jerked my head up quickly.

“Lick my fucking boots like your chance to orgasm depends on it, because it does. This is pathetic. Put some real effort in or I’ll leave you sitting here and find a real slave upstairs that will do it properly. That’s the best you can do after months stuck inside?! Get back down there and show me you really have what it takes to serve me.”

“I’m sorry Mistress” I blurted out without thinking.

“I didn’t tell you that you could talk did I?! You’re here to serve Me, not to talk. The only words I should ever hear you say is thank you. Do you understand you useless worm?

“Yes thank you Mistress” I replied before lapping my tongue with significantly more effort over Her gorgeous boots. I left nothing to chance by covering every accessible surface with my moist tongue.

“Don’t forget to clean the other one while you’re down there. We don’t want them to look uneven do we? You don’t want your Mistress to look a fool do you? That would make me upset and feel humiliated. You’re the only one that will be humiliated today when I do all of the unspeakable things I’ve been thinking about to you. Maybe I’ll parade you around on a leash upstairs and make you clean the boots and heels of all the dommes until I’m satisfied you’re capable of cleaning mine properly. Or I could strap you down with your legs spread wide apart and get everyone to fuck your dirty, tight asshole to break you down so I can build you up into a slave who’s worthy of my attention. Why stop at your ass when we could fill your mouth with cock and make you get used to guzzling down some cum. 

My bull at home has a huge cock and knows exactly how I like to be fucked. I’m always looking for a new hole for him to fill with his cum. Impress me and you could earn that honour.”

“Thank you, Mistress” I managed between licks.

“Good boy. You’re learning already. Stop. That’s enough of that. Stay exactly where you are on all fours. Don’t move.”

Mistress Terra turned around and walked towards the mirror covered wall to my right. I could hear what I thought was a door sliding in its runners then she returned, this time standing behind me.


“Up on your knees, eyes forwards” she barked.

The room had suddenly changed. Out of the corner of my eye, I could now see a wall of BDSM toys including crops, floggers, whips, paddles, gags, masks, dildos, anal plugs, restraints, rope, chastity cages and lubricants. I’ve been to plenty of sex shops filled with kink kit but this collection put them all to shame.

Mistress Terra placed a thick blindfold over my eyes and fixed it firmly behind my head. She then slowly walked around me and again stood in front of me.

Stand” she ordered. I quickly stood and waited for my next instruction. A leash was attached to my collar.

Follow me,” Mistress instructed. She tugged on the leash and I walked slowly forwards in the dark. Once we reached the centre of the room I clearly heard my Goddess say “Stop”.

“Good slave. Now, spread your legs shoulder width apart and place your hands by your sides. Don’t move.”

As the sound of Her heels clicking on the hard floor echoed through the room in the direction of the toy wall I realised my legs were shaking a little. The excitement was rushing through me, but then something moved above me that made me instinctively step forwards. It sounded like a motor had started and something was coming towards me, then it suddenly stopped.

“I told you not to move! Every time you fuck up you’re going to receive a punishment. That’s 1. Get to 3 and I’m going to get the fucking machine and penetrate you for an hour.”

“Sorry Mistress” I subduedly responded.

“I don’t want you to be sorry. I want you to be better. Spread your legs wide apart and put your hands on your shoulders.”

A spreader bar was attached between my legs with clips fixed to my ankle cuffs. Clips were then attached to each of my wrist cuffs, which were then lifted above my head and fixed to the bar above me. With all of the clips firmly attached Mistress Terra walked back over to the toy wall.

A whirring sound from the motor above my head startled me again, but this time with my legs fixed apart I didn’t move. My wrists were pulled tightly above me so that my arms were stretched then the motor turned off. The motorised hoist above my head kept my arms up and the spreader bar parted my legs. I stood completely exposed with my caged cock hanging down and my naked ass free to be used.

The strap holding the blindfold to my head loosened and it fell onto the floor. Mistress Terra walked around me and stood in front of me. Before she started walking I lowered my gaze to the floor making sure that every rule she’d set was adhered to.

“Look at your Goddess in all Her glory.” 

I raised my eyes and got to look at my Mistress for the first time.

Mistress Terra wore a skin tight black latex bra, a black latex waspie corset that cinched Her waist, tiny black lace underwear and the knee high black leather boots with metal heels I worshipped earlier. Her huge juicy tits sat perfectly on her chest and they strained against the bra to get out. Her long dark hair flowed down Her back and Her lips were painted with a subtle red lipstick. In Her high heeled boots, she stood well over 6 feet tall and towered over me, which made me feel completely insignificant and worthless.

My mouth dropped open and I shook with delight. The stunningly beautiful and powerful Dominatrix starred directly into my eyes. My cock twitched in the cage and my ass clenched.

“You look incredible Mistress” I managed to mumble.

“Oh, I know how good I look. I don’t need you to tell me that. I’ve told you before, you only talk when I tell you to. That’s 2 punishments. Maybe you need some help learning when you can and can’t use your mouth. I have something that can solve this problem.”

As Mistress Terra turned and glided effortlessly in Her heels towards the toy wall I noticed Her perfect ass presented itself in a thong and Her tits bobbed with each step. She picked something from the wall and walked behind me. A shiny red ball gag was forced into my mouth and She aggressively pulled the straps tight before buckling it shut. Mistress then pressed Her body against my back and ran Her fingers lightly down my waist towards my cock cage. The intimate contact quickened my breathing and I didn’t even notice the drool that was now dribbling from my gagged mouth.

“That feels good doesn’t it? It’s what you’ve always wanted isn’t it? Feeling my hands caressing your body and touching your cock. After all this time without any contact you want me to unlock that cage you’ve worn for me and jerk that shrivelled excuse of a cock until you cum. You’d love nothing more than to cum all over my perfect tits and watch it drip down my body. Maybe I’d rub my wet pussy and finger myself while it happens. We could even cum together. Well, that’s definitely not going to happen.”

Without any warning Mistress gripped my exposed balls and began squeezing them. The pressure increased gradually until it became unbearable. I squealed and bit down on the rubber ball gag as the pain intensified. She didn’t let go even when my knees buckled and the hoist bar held me upright.

“Keep screaming. I don’t care. I’m not letting go. You’re going to suffer for my pleasure. Hearing your screams is only going to get me off quicker. I could finger myself behind you right now and cum just listening to you moaning in pain. Now stop being a little bitch and take it like a real slave would or I’ll squeeze even harder.”

Water streamed from my eyes down my flushed cheeks and my whole body convulsed as the pain got worse and worse. I got up on my tiptoes and tried to pull away, but Mistress tugged me back. I was merciless to stop Her and She overpowered me with ease. The only thing I could do was breathe through the pain and try to take my mind off the agony I was in.

Eventually, after what felt like a lifetime of torture, Mistress released Her grip and She laughed seeing me try to keel over with my stomach winded. It felt like someone had kicked me as hard as they could in the nuts, but with my arms and legs tightly restrained there was nowhere to go.

My latex clad domina sauntered gleefully around me and stopped off at the toy wall before walking towards me with a huge smile on Her face.

“Wasn’t that nice. I got to hear you scream and we’ve barely started. Know that seeing those tears on your face has made me very wet. Would you like to taste me? No, not yet. You’ve not earnt it and only my very best subs get a chance to sniff my cunt or lick the cum from my fingers.”

Through the water still in my eyes I noticed that Mistress Terra held what looked like a remote control in Her hand. Was she going to lower the hoist down? Or would she pull me higher into the air so I dangled helplessly without the ability to touch the ground with my toes? Moments later, the real reason changed everything.

“Now that I’ve had my hands on you I think it’s time to introduce you to our audience for the evening. I love to perform and as an exhibitionist, there’s nothing that excites Me more than showing off my perfect body and extensive skill set to an audience. Luckily for us they’ve already taken their seats and they’re ready to see the rest of our session.”

My eyes bulged when I heard this as I’d never played in public before. All of the kinky play that I’d been involved in before took place behind closed doors. Even at play events I’d always played in private rooms. I momentarily felt very naked and self conscious, but confusion took over. Where was this audience She’d referred to? Were they watching us on a video feed somewhere? There was no-one else in the room with us, so I relaxed and thought it might have been a threat intended to provoke a reaction from me. It wasn’t.

“They’re all here to see Me, so if you fuck up and make me look bad in any way I’ll make sure you regret it. Let me introduce our audience.”

Mistress clicked a button on the remote and the curtains on my right side began sliding away revealing a wall of glass. Behind the glass sat rows of Mistresses dressed in leather, latex and colourful evening gowns with their collared submissives kneeling at their feet. One opened his mouth and his Mistress tapped ash from a cigarette into it. There must have been around 30 people watching us. I shamefully turned my head away from the glass and looked at the floor.

“I’d be pretty embarrassed if I had a tiny pin dick and all of these people were looking at Me. Don’t be shy though, slave. Besides, they’re not here to watch you. They’re here to see Me and what I have planned next. Best not to keep them waiting.”

I felt beads of sweat form on my forehead and start leaking down my face. It suddenly started to feel a lot warmer in the room, but seeing my divine Goddess poised with real purpose in Her body language made me instantly forget about the many watchful eyes behind the glass. At that moment I lowered my chin, controlled my breathing and stared back at Her, our eyes locking and blocking out the audience.

“Well well. Look who’s finally decided to grow some balls. Maybe, just maybe there’s a future for you begging at my feet yet. I think I’ll loosen you up a little first before I get the bullwhip out and lash your skin red.”

Mistress walked with long, smooth strides over to the toy wall, much like she would if she was gliding down a catwalk. The click clack of high heels told me that she was walking then standing just behind me. The snap of a rubber glove being put on was unmistakable and was quickly confirmed when Mistress slid a single lubed up digit up my exposed arse, then almost immediately followed by a second. She penetrated me slowly, inching Her fingers in and out then parting them inside me to stretch my tight hole.

“You’re very tight, slave. Have you never been fingered before? Am I taking your anal virginity right now? Oh no, with that gag stuffed in your mouth you can’t talk can you. Such a pity for you. I much prefer it that way. I only want to hear your screams.”

It wasn’t my first time. I love anal and have been fucked in the ass many times, but I tightened up seeing the crowd. I wasn’t used to it and I got quite nervous.

I was fully expecting Her to speed up the pace, penetrating my arse with more aggression, but instead She slowed down and rubbed my prostate with Her finger tips. This moment of ecstasy relaxed my whole body and I hung loosely from my wrists.

“Oh look at this. My caged cock is dribbling on the floor. Naughty boy. I didn’t hear you ask for permission to leak on My floor. You’ll clean that up before you leave. Because you didn’t ask for permission I think it would be best that you licked it up with your tongue. Have you ever tasted your own cum, slave? If not, you better learn to enjoy it because every time you cum from now on you’ll lick it all up and swallow it down as punishment. I don’t see any reason that you wouldn’t remain locked in that chastity cage for the foreseeable future, so I’m not too worried about that happening much.”

Mistress retracted Her fingers and stuffed a thick rubber plug in my ass that stretched my hole even wider. The shock involuntarily arched my back and I naturally tried to move away, but Mistress gripped my bare waist with Her spare hand and pulled me back, which forced the plug even deeper into me.

“Why are you trying to pull away from me, slave? You didn’t like that did you? Too bad. It’s for the best really, otherwise what I have planned for you later would be so much worse for you.

I’m going to hurt you now. After so many months stuck indoors I haven’t had the space to really let loose with my floggers and whips. Now that I have this huge space to play in I think I’ll stretch out and play with all of the vicious toys I couldn’t before.

There’s a good chance that you’re going to cry. You’ll almost certainly scream. Maybe you’ll drool all over yourself. All of this makes my pussy very wet. If you’re very, very good and take it all I might consider letting you lick my dirty holes clean. You’d like that would you? You’ve thought about sniffing and licking my asshole clean for a long time. Don’t disappoint me and your dream could come true.”

She was right. Before locking me in the chastity cage I’d wanked over Mistress Terra’s videos and thought about Her facesitting me, kissing Her beautiful ass and allowing me to clean Her after a long work out session. I’d also dream about massaging and licking Her sweaty feet immediately after she’d returned from a long run.

As my filthy mind wondered Mistress walked towards the whips hanging from the toy wall and tapped Her heels on the floor. She plucked a red and black pair of floggers from the wall and slowly stepped around me. A few swishing sounds behind me made my arse cheeks clench and I braced myself.

“You look a little tight, slave. This’ll help loosen you out. Don’t forget, don’t allow that plug to fall out or there will be consequences.”

The floggers softly impacted against my upper back then worked their way down my back to my rear. They flowed rhythmically without a break for several minutes and the light tingling on my skin felt majestic. Mistress paused briefly, then the impacts made by the floggers increased in severity, particularly those landing on my ass. Instead of maintaining a smooth and steady flow she lashed me with intent, each contact making me bite down harder on the gag.

Abruptly the flogging stopped and Mistress grabbed my trembling ass with her hand.

“That’s a good start, slave. You’re already shaking. How adorable. Pathetic really. This is only the beginning. Just imagine how it’s going to feel once I get my leather bullwhip out and mark that quivering ass of yours. After this, you’ll beg me to stop through crying tears. You’ll wish that you never stepped foot in this room. But ultimately, it’s what I want, so none of that matters does it? You’ll kneel at my feet, thank me for the honour of taking my punishment and plead with me to carry on doing what I want to you. I could beat you some more, choke you, dress you up like a cute sissy girl, piss all over you and you’d thank me for all of it.”

As Mistress finished talking, the palm of Her open hand spanked my left ass cheek. The thudding sound when Her hand hit my skin bounced around the room and I involuntarily squealed. The unexpected smack was followed by many more, each thwack bringing out a deeper shade of red across my skin. The clips holding my wrists to the bar above my head rattled as I squirmed in an attempt to alleviate the relentless suffering.

“That’s much better. I do love a vocal sub. The louder the better. It doesn’t look like spanking is going to get those sweet noises that get me off out of you though. Time for something that will make more of an impression.”

The short single tail whip that she used next did exactly that. The stinging pain that came when Her plaited black and yellow whip caught my skin gives me chills to this day. She started with the back of my thighs. Lightly flicking the tail of the whip over my legs sent shivers all the way up my body and, with each crack, brought tears flowing from my eyes. The pain wasn’t excruciating, but it did exactly what my Goddess wanted it to. Focusing on my soft skin made my legs kick forwards and arms wriggle in an attempt to get free. Nothing worked though. The restraints were tight and no matter what I did to get away I couldn’t move.


“You’ve done very well. Now, I want to stretch out my bullwhip and give you a few marks to take home with you. You won’t forget this easily. I promise you that. Bite down hard on your gag and prepare for the worst. It’s going to hurt. A lot.”

The whip Mistress Terra selected from the wall was a 10 foot braided brown leather bullwhip. She stood next to me, unfurled the whip onto the floor and with a swirling motion cracked it in the air in front of us. The sound penetrated my body and sent fear coursing through my veins. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest and the shaking in my legs turned them to jelly. The performance she’d just put on had the desired effect. The crowd watching through the glass eagerly squirmed with anticipation in their seats.

Before the whipping began Mistress had one final surprise. She draped the long whip around my neck and collected a few items from the toy wall. She knelt down at my trembling feet, attached a leather parachute around my exposed ball sack and clipped it tightly shut. A short piece of rope was attached to the metal chain hanging from the parachute, which was tied tightly to a metal loop embedded in the floor. If I moved at all the rope tugged the parachute downwards and the stinging pain around my balls would sting brutally.

“Your balls look so full. Now that they’re wrapped up it’s going to hurt even more if you move. Pull forwards when I whip you and the rope will tug at your balls. I’d do it myself, but I can’t be in two places at once.”

At that moment she plunged Her pointed nails into my balls and I screamed wildly.

“Yes, that’s the noise I want to hear. Keep it going. See what more of this does to me.”

Mistress Terra reached one finger inside Her lace underwear, fingered Herself for a few moments then pulled it out. She held Her finger under my nose and let me smell Her sweet scent.

“You want to taste me don’t you?”

I nodded, my eyes bulging with excitement at the prospect.

“I don’t think so,” she mocked before licking the juices from Her own fingers.

With warm sweat dripping from my armpits and drool cascading down my chin onto my chest, Mistress picked the bullwhip off the floor and let it slither over my feet as she dragged it behind me. Her clicking heels edged further behind me until they came to an abrupt halt.

“I’ll start with five lashes. Let’s see how well you take it.”

Mistress Terra swished the bullwhip up and over Her head then flicked it accurately at my arse. The pain was intense. I shrieked, lurched forwards then instinctively pulled back. The rope between my legs tightened and my balls burnt as the parachute pulled them. There was nowhere to hide.

“Four more.”

The next two lashes came in quick succession. Each strike landed on a different butt cheek. I could distinctly feel something throbbing on my ass.

“Two more.”

Again, the final two lashes landed cleanly on the same spots on my ass. Welts quickly formed and I yelled loudly into the gag. The pain sent shockwaves through my whole body and it pulsed with a warm euphoric glow.

“You bruise so easily, slave. Turn around and show the crowd what I’ve done to that peachy arse of yours. Go on, don’t keep them waiting.”

A loud swish and crack of Her bullwhip jolted me into moving. When I tried to turn, inching my feet in opposite directions, the rope attached to the parachute around my balls pulled me back. No matter what I tried I couldn’t turn in the right direction. Mistress wasn’t pleased.

“I gave you an order and you’ve failed me in front of all of these people. Stay exactly where you are. Ten more lashes for your insubordination.”

I tried to cry out and beg for forgiveness, but this seemed to upset Mistress Terra even more.

“Stop talking or I’ll double it. Hold still. You’ll take all ten without a break, then I can move on to something a little more intimate.”

The lashes were relentless and came quickly, one after the next. Instead of focusing on my arse again all ten wrapped around my chest leaving deep red marks. The intense pain drained me of the little energy I had left to hold myself upright so I slumped down and let my wrists take my weight.

“We’ve a lot of work to do before I’d even consider classing you as a devoted slave. Some of my collared slaves are able to take much more than that. Don’t worry, with a lot more training you’ll get there. For now, I want to bend you over and fuck you. The plug will have stretched your ass, so I should be able to slide right into you with my thick cock without any problem.”

Mistress threw the bullwhip on the floor and unclipped my wrists from the metal bar above my head. The spreader bar between my legs remained and I was allowed to slump down onto the floor resting on my hands and knees.

“Crawl over to the spanking bench. If you don’t move quick enough I’ll help you along.”

The harsh snap of a crop against my left butt cheek encouraged me to crawl faster and I soon arrived at the bench.

“Stand up and bend over the bench. Do it quickly.”

I pushed myself up with my hands and slumped over the leather topped spanking bench. The relief of having a comfortable surface to rest on helped significantly. My head fell forwards and the drool from my gag spilled out onto the floor below me.

“Dirty boy,” Mistress mocked before slapping me hard across the face. She then spat at me, which woke me from my exhausted state.

Mistress Terra tottered over to the toy wall a few steps away and came back shortly after to stand in front of me. She held a strapon harness, thick purple rubber dildo and a metal spider gag with leather straps in Her hands.

“Open wide, slave. I’m going to swap out your gag for a new one. This will give me undeniable access to fuck my big cock into your mouth to lube it up before I sink it deep into your gapping asshole.”

The straps holding the ball gag in my mouth loosened and it fell to the floor. I gasped for fresh air, but that was short lived as, with my mouth open wide, the metal spider gag was pushed between my teeth, She then tightened and buckled the straps.

Mistress turned Her slender body and stepped into the strapon harness one heeled foot at a time. As she turned back towards me I noticed Her huge tits covered in a thin layer of sweat. Her intoxicating scent made my locked cock twitch and I longed to feel Her big dick inside me.

My latex clad Goddess grabbed my sweat soaked hair in one hand to lift it up then thrust Her cock into my mouth. I instinctively pulled my hands to my face in an attempt to control the depth she penetrated me as I couldn’t close my mouth with the gag forcing it open.

“Put your hands behind your back and don’t even think of moving them otherwise you’ll take another 20 lashes.”

The roar of Her voice startled me and I did exactly what I was told. With my hands clasped behind me Mistress Terra fucked my mouth, thrusting Her hips upwards and making me gag on Her big cock. I coughed and sputtered as she slowed the pace, instead slipping it carefully deeper into my mouth and throat. She held it there and I looked up into Her eyes. A broad smile in return sent shivers of pleasure through my ruined body and spurred me on to take it even deeper. With no way to close my mouth and take a gulp, thick streams of saliva dribbled from the gag and settled on my face.

“You’re a filthy mess. It’s disgusting. I’d better clean you up before I put this thick cock in your man pussy. It’s time for you to take my cock, slave. I’ve waited so long to do this.”

Stepping forwards and lifting Her knee onto the bench, Mistress Terra forced the cock even deeper down my gagging throat. With a swift tug the plug slid quickly out of my ass and landed with a thud on the floor. She then pulled Her cock out of my mouth, a long thread of spit coating it, then walked behind me.

“Keep your arms crossed behind your back. I might need something to grip when I fuck you.”

Seconds later I felt the thick rubber cock settle between my smarting arse cheeks before she plunged it deep into my willing hole. The first thrust tickled my prostate and sent a wave of pleasure straight to my confined cock. Mistress Terra quickly got into a rhythm and pounded me with devastating strength, Her stamina barely wavering after 10 minutes

An odd feeling started to distract my attention away from the hard fucking I was taking. It built steadily, slowly growing in intensity. I’d never felt anything like it before, but I liked it. I urged Her to go faster by pushing my ass back into the cock between Her legs. The powerful domina locked my arms together with Her hands and fucked me harder.

All of a sudden She stopped. The feeling dissipated and I slumped over with frustration.

“I’m going to uncuff your legs. Once your legs are free you’re going to turn around and present your cock cage to me.”

The spreader bar clanged on the floor as it dropped down one end at a time. With the clips now released I turned and placed my hands behind my back, my legs spread shoulder width apart.

“Good boy. You’ve done reasonably well for a pitiful excuse of a man. You need much more training, but you’ve shown some promise. I’m going to remove your cock cage now and I’ll going to fuck you till you cum all over yourself. I’m not going to stop until there’s a thick mess of spunk all over your chest. Now lean back on the bench and present your ass to me.”

I did as I was told without a moment of hesitation. The reward was too great for me to screw up now, so I stood upright and waited. Mistress Terra bent Her knees, reached inside Her latex bra and pulled out the small shiny metal key to my cage. With a quick turn and pull the lock came out and she softly removed the cage from my cock. Before I had a chance to get erect She removed the back ring and placed it on the floor next to Her. Seeing Her perfect physique covered in latex, Her enormous tits practically falling out of the bra and Her toned ass accentuated by the high heels boots made me instantly erect. It had been months since my last erection and it felt mind blowingly good.

“What are you waiting for? Get on your back and lift your legs,” Mistress demanded. There wasn’t a hint of sympathy in Her voice for the months of denial I’d endured for Her. Seeing Her this way turned me on even more. Serving Her was my dream and I was now living it in person.

Once I’d lifted my back onto the spanking bench Mistress Terra wrapped my legs around Her waist, penetrated my ass again and fucked me breathless. The odd feeling around my stomach returned and it continued to build with every penetration until it reached a climax. I yelled “Can I cum please Mistress,” but the spider gag garbled my request. Sensing what was about to happen Mistress stopped pummeling my ass, grabbed my balls tightly in Her fingers and began squeezing them.

“If you think I was just going to let you enjoy this moment you’re very sadly mistaken. You need to learn that your pleasure means nothing to me. You’re a sad loser and all men are made for one purpose only; to serve women. I’m going to train you so that you no longer think about your own orgasms and instead only think about Me and my orgasms. Don’t worry, it will all be over very soon.”

At the moment I came Mistress released Her grip on my balls and moved Her hand to my pulsing cock. As the first spurt of jizz coated my bruised chest She beat my swollen balls with Her free hand. The pain entirely eclipsed the pleasure I felt and I yelled out with frustration. After months of waiting my orgasm was being ruined. Rather than kicking back I tightened my legs around Her waist, clutched the bench with my hands and bit down on the metal gag.

The next thick load of cum spattered over my stomach, swiftly followed by another. The painful blows to my balls kept coming. My first anal orgasm was a beautiful blend of agonising pain and blissful relief. It also filled me with pride as the gleeful smile on Mistress Terra’s face told me She was clearly enjoying this.

“You’re a filthy mess. Look at you, covered in your own cum. I wonder, have you ever tasted your own cum, slave? Doesn’t matter. You’re going to have to swallow it all before you’re allowed to leave.”

Mistress scooped up a thick load of cum on two fingers.

“Tongue out,” she ordered. I poked my tongue between the metal ring and lapped the cum from Her outstretched hand.

“Swallow,” she demanded with a stern look on Her face. I did as I was told. This was repeated until I’d licked and swallowed every last drop of the warm cum from my body.

“If you ever thought that you’d get anywhere near my pussy today you’re delusional. You need to prove yourself to me first. This was a good start. Now I’m done with you, for today at least. You’re going to go home and write about your experience with me. I’m going to read it and get myself off. That’s the closest you’re going to get to making me cum. With more training you might one day take your place at my feet and serve me full time.

For now, you’re done. Kneel down at my feet, thank me for using you and I’ll leave. You can then leave.”

Mistress reached across me, unbuckled the gag and placed it on the spanking bench next to me. As She stepped backwards, Mistress Terra snapped Her fingers and pointed to the floor. I leapt up from the bench and knelt on the floor at Her feet.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I mumbled.

“LOUDER,” She shouted.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I bellowed with real intent.

“Better. Don’t move until I’ve left the room. As my submissive I expect you to always be below me.”

With that Mistress turned around and walked towards the door at the end of the room. Just before She reached for the door handle She paused for a few moments then turned back around and walked over to me.

“Almost forgot, kneel and put your hands behind your back.”

My divine Goddess reached down and picked the cock cage I’d worn for months from the floor. She then put the ring back behind my sagging ball sack and pushed the cage onto my flaccid penis. The padlock, with the key still inserted into it, then locked my cage shut and the key was removed. She then placed it back inside Her bra, turned and without another word walked over to the door, pressed the handle down and left.

My first experience serving Mistress Terra was over. It wasn’t my last.

‘Written by the House of Denial’