I love a good fetish party, not only is it a time for a Mistress to let her hair down and have a good dance but it is also a time to interact with and meet new submissive on the fetish scene. Slaves and submissive may already know who I am but for those who don’t, fetish events are a good time to promote myself as a first-class mistress on the fetish scene. So, for the first time ever I am creating a special opportunity for my slaves to chaperone me to fetish parties for a fee. Just like a session fee except you get to enjoy the fetish night with me for a limited number of hours.

Here are some fetish parties that are open to slaves to accompany me:

• Torture Gardens
• Club Pedestal

What you will receive as my personal fetish party slave:

• 2 hours at my side as a slave (cost £250 – additional hours 150) starting at 11 pm.
• 30 min of kink play, you may choose up to 3 kink interests.
• Slave tasks throughout the night.

What I expect of you:

• You will be my personal slave during the fetish event and do anything mistress requires of you.
• Bring your own dog collar with chain for the event – mistress likes to flaunt her slaves and parade them around on a dog leash.
• Hold my drinks and purchase drinks at the bar so mistress does not have to stand and wait.
• Hold my purse or anything I become tired of carrying.
• Massage my feet when they start to hurt from walking or dancing.
• Make sure that I am comfortable and happy during your time as my party slave.

How to book me for these events:

• Register your interest via the online booking form on my online ‘book a session’ page. Select ‘Fetish Party’ in the Type of Session field and in the dropdown list of interests select either ‘Torture Gardens’ or ‘Club Pedestal’.

• Ensure that tickets for the event are not already sold out and ideally you would have already purchased your ticket to the event. If you are unsure that mistress will be attending the upcoming event email me in advance – mistressterra@protonmail.com, and ask me if I will be attending. Ensure that you are clear on the a) name of the event b) location c) date.

• Once you have sent the booking form and I have replied acknowledging your form then you are required to pay a 50% deposit for the booking to secure your spot as my fetish party slave.


• You will meet mistress at the set time at the venue specified in the confirmation email, she will not tolerate any lateness
• I will not tolerate excessive drug or alcohol consumption during your time with me at the event.
• Do not speak unless you are spoken too
• Do not walk in front of mistress, you will always walk behind her lead around by a leash
• Do not leave mistresses side without permission, if you need to use the toilets you will have to ask her
• You will not sit or dance next to her unless she approves
• If a Mistress is seated you will position yourself next to her on the floor or on a seat of a lower position
• You will always adopt the body language of a submissive slave
• You will be expected to wear fetish wear that will pass the venues dress code
• You may wear a mask
• You will attend the event with a high standard of hygiene
• Ensure that you bring ID to the venue


• 2 hours £250,
• 3 hours £350,
• Additional hours £150.

Links to tickets

If you are interested in chaperoning me to one of the below fetish events ensure that you keep an eye out for upcoming events via the below links. I will also be posting on my Twitter regarding my attendance at either of the below events.

Torture Gardens

Club Pedestal