I just wanted to update everyone that I am now providing key holding services to my ‘Kink Bank’. I have had a huge influx of requests for this kind of service/kink over the last couple of weeks and although I have not provided a key holding service before I have felt an enormous amount of pressure from slaves and submissive to provide it, especially during these very unexciting coronavirus times. After much deliberation and thought, I reached out to www.houseofdenial.com to see if they could give me some pointers on Keyholding, which they readily provided. Having a clear insight into the psychology behind key holding played massively on my kinky heart strings and all these ideas and scenarios of playing with my locked up submissive online started to engulf me.  So, I went away for a day and wrote this little key holding programme for my would-be chastity slaves who are so eager and willing to serve their goddess Mistress Terra. This guide is a ‘how to book a key holding/chastity session’ with me, what it entails and the tribute involved in relation to duration of the lockup.

Mistress Terra chastity keyholder

So let’s begin…

A submissive craves to have their male ego caged and controlled seeks out a key holding service on the internet and comes across Mistress Terra’s website and twitter page and notices her key holding male chastity programme and delves straight in. He struck by her femdom beauty and he has no other option to submit and become locked up by his newly found goddess.

He follows the bellow instructions:

  1. Complete a ‘Book a Session’ form on my website and select KIK Chat/Skype (note: prices vary according to communication methods used, see price list below) when you come to the Type of session section. Then select ‘Chastity/Key holding’ in the ‘Indicate your interests’ in the drop-down menu and complete the form accordingly.
  2. I will respond to you with the next steps which will include my availability for the lockup ceremony, payment request, and further instructions
  3. Once payment is received and we have agreed on the time for the lock up ceremony then I will add you to my list of chastity slaves that I will be interacting with on a daily basis throughout their lockup.

What is included:

I like to keep this simple, I don’t want to create unnecessary admin for myself as this takes away from the fun of playing and interacting with my chastity playthings. So, in this super simple pricelist this is what it costs and this is what you get:


  • 3 days £50 / 1 week £70 (added weeks are an extra £20)


  • 3 days £100 / 1 week £140 (added weeks are an extra £40)


  • Lock up ceremony – you will lock yourself up in front of me or before our first KIK/Skype call, I will acknowledge your submission and go through the rules and expectations of the lockup.
  • 2 chastity inspections a day, 1 in the morning and 1 at night just before you go to bed
  • 2 slave tasks a day, I may add in a bonus task depending on how well you complete the first 2 tasks (this is discretionary).
  • End of lockup and release day – Here you will unlock yourself and you can release yourself on Skype or KIK or you may do it alone.


  • Chastity cage – visit House of Denial for device suggestions
  • Basic knowledge of Chastity device usage i.e. safety and all that good stuff. You can find more information on the House of Denial chastity user guide.
  • If using KIK you will need to download the app to your phone.
  • If using Skype download Skype.
  • Access to a freezer (this is so you can freeze your keys in a block of ice so you may not unlock yourself when mistress is not looking. Mistress will ask for pictures of the keys frozen away in the block of ice)

So, with this guide you are now ready to take your chastity fantasy to the next level. Its time to finally let go of your male ego, wear your device full time and hand over your key (due to social distancing and delays with postage, a block of ice will do for now). Being in chastity is physically immense fun, but this is multiplied many times over by actually being controlled by your beloved Mistress. You won’t regret it!