I originally started out my dominatrix career wearing only leather, which consisted mostly of tiny strappy leather harnesses and bodices. Leather was something I was familiar with, it was easy to put on, and carry around with me to different sessions. What I love about leather is the smell obviously, the detailed hand stitching, and softness and flexibility when I moved my body. I could easily wear it in my femdom sessions, fetish photoshoots, and it looked great on my when I attended BDSM events. However, as my career progressed as a professional dominatrix my curiosity for different fetish materials grew and I felt torn between latex or leather.

Then there is that obvious question, why not just stock your wardrobe with both, Mistress? And that is a great question and the reason why my wardrobe has more of one than the other is that buying fetish gear or outfits isn’t as straight forward as going to the high street and buying a t-shirt or a pair of jeans for £19.99. first of all, leather and latex, especially fetish designed pieces are extremely expensive. For example, a pair of leather or latex opera gloves can easily set you back £120 and a latex Catsuit can set you back £300 at least! So, when I go shopping for anything latex and leather I make sure that what I purchase perfectly fits me, looks good, and is of good quality. This is a lot easier said than done, as most fetish designers base their stores online, and you don’t really get the opportunity to feel or touch the material and then make the decision to buy it.

Every piece or outfit I buy is an investment, I will use them predominately for photoshoots, and during sessions on request. Luckily for me, I often get bought latex or leather outfits by my submissive or slaves. They love dressing up their Mistress in their choice of material. Other submissive have a huge kink for leather or Latex mistresses, for example, I have one submissive who travels from the U.S just to session with me, and he loves me wearing full strappy leather and my bullwhip in hand. The leather on a beautiful dominatrix is his fetish and he travels thousands of miles just to see that close up.

I really feel that most Mistresses have their own unique style or look, and some tend to wear more leather than latex or vice versa and therefore they usually find a good designer who has taken their measurements and can produce them outfits on request. So, do I prefer latex or leather? Leather is a lot more practical, and like I said easier to put on and wear during sessions. My go-to outfit for femdom session would be leather thigh-high boots, and strappy leather bodice paired with leather opera globes. This look has the ability to make anyone weak, not just my slaves! I might also add, that leather is a lot easier to style in photoshoots than latex. Latex has a very specific look i.e. fetish but leather you can style it effortlessly with so many other materials and achieve so many different looks. Leather can also work out a bit cheaper than latex and usually comes with adjustable buckles and straps which gives you so much more leeway when adjusting the outfit to fit your body measurements. Latex is more of a tailored and made to measure type situation and if you or the dressmaker gets the measurements wrong then it can be a bit of a nightmare.

So, on to latex. Gosh, where do I begin… Latex is beautiful full stop and when worn right it is the perfect dominatrix outfit. I don’t own that many latex pieces but the ones I do have been made to measure for me, from my favourite designers. Each piece has been hand-picked, and deliberated over several times before I hit the pay now button (that’s if I had to pay for it and not a slave). Latex just looks so good on! So here is the go-to latex pieces that I believe every dominatrix should have in her wardrobe:

  1. Latex Catsuit made to measure from a good designer
  2. latex waspy or corset
  3. latex rubber gloves opera, or wrist ones (make sure you choose the right size for your hand)
  4. Latex bodice, long sleeves or sleeveless
  5. latex leggings and tights
  6. Latex dress, pencil or mini

So here is a list of all my favourite latex designers that I have bought pieces from which all do made to measure pieces.








I tend to buy all my leather stuff from Etsy or Crazy Outfits.

So what is the final verdict? Latex or Leather? I have to say that I look incredible in latex and I get a lot more latex outfit requests than leather. I have decided that my wardrobe is going to lean more towards latex then leather, as it looks a lot more modern and I am starting to fall in love with the feeling of it on! If you would like to see more pictures of me wearing latex then head over to my Only Fans until next time!