So I regularly get asked what’s your favorite type of session and I’ve never really gave it too much thought until recently. So here it is, I seriously love feminizing men, just seeing them stripped of all there masculinity, dressed up like a total slut ripe for the picking really excites me – and I’m sure them! It’s not just seeing them dressed as a sissy or slut it’s the whole process of adorning them with these hoe rags that really gets me going.

They look pretty helpless in those towering heels, nylon stockings and ridiculously short skirt, I mean where are you going to go dressed so inappropriate. They might as well have a bright nylon sign above their head saying “I’m a slut and just do what you want with me”. I love sitting them down and giving them a good prep talk on how I’m going to turn them into the biggest filthiest cock sucking beta slut ever and that the outfits are just part of the feminization process, their gonna have to learn how to dance seductively (maybe some pole dancing), twerk (of course),  flirt, suck/take BIG cock, and generally be able to please their mistress or her demanding Bull. 

I completely understand why my clients come to me asking me to turn them into a cock sucking slut, I mean who doesn’t feel like being a major slut with that bright red glossy lips, glamorous eyeshadow, an expensive weave and a short skirt with hold ups never mind the peep toe pumps. When I’m fully done adorning them in what I like to call “hoe rags” I get them to look themselves in my full sized mirror and tell them to give me their sexiest sluttiest dance. I love this part as most of the time they dance appalling with little or no coordination or rhythm but they are such troopers they soldier on despite mistresses bursts of laughter and giggles – they truly desire to please me. So I step and show them  how to dance like a real seductive temptress, rolling the hips like a Hawaiian Tropicana girl, arching my back so my breasts jut out, showing them the slut drop, and of course the infamous booty twerk.

I never let my sissy move on to my next stage of feminization until I’m fully satisfied with their transformation. It’s really not rocket science, becoming a slut, especially with my guidance I have my sissies acting, standing, dancing, and behaving like fully fledged sissies before we reach half way through our session time. I know they feel sexy, loose, and up for anything and by this time they are so ready for it, ready to be released into the big bad world that uses and abuses sissies and sluts chews them up and spits them out. I get them to clean, make tea, dance for me, and bend over and take my strap on when I please. If they are lucky and if I have enough patience I would cage their cock (so that I own it) and give them a prostate orgasm, that’s right they aren’t even allowed to have a hard on, but they get to cum and gush like a woman and the slut of their dreams.

I have achieved my goal and that is to train them to be the ultimate slut, ready to please at the drop of a hat with no objections just total obedience. What I enjoy about these sessions the most is being able to watch (through my influence and guidance) the total defamation of masculinity over a short space of time where the subject lets go of all gender constraints and is able to become the slut he always dreamt of becoming.  Book a session with me to experience the sissy experience ‘transformed into the ultimate bitch boi’ by your mistress.