I knock twice on the door as instructed, my stomach tight, my breath audible to me in the silence. I hear the unmistakable clack of heels on floorboards getting closer and closer. I can picture the sway of your hips. I take a deep breath and bow my head slightly, averting my gaze. The latch clicks and the door swings inwards. I step inside and pause as the door is closed behind me.

“Follow me” comes the instruction as you move past me, your fingers tracing lightly against my arse, causing my cock to twitch. I breathe in your scent. You’re wearing heels and a silky black gown. I follow you into the flat and you turn and point to the ground. “Kneel” you command and I drop quickly to the floor.

“Kiss my feet”. I lower my face and softly start kissing the arch of your perfect feet encased in 5 inch high black Louboutins. “Good boy” you murmur, “Now the other” and I blow gently and brush my lips across your feet, little licks down to your toes and across the leather. Then your dressing gown tumbles down on top of me. It smells divine. “Pick it up slave and stand up,” you say pulling on my hair as I stumble upright. “You may look at your Dominatrix Mistress”. I raise my eyes. Your toned athletic body looks incredible in just a tiny PVC black bikini and your heels and I take a deep breath mesmerised. At six feet you’re almost as tall as me as you step in close and whisper in my ear, “I’ve been looking forward to today. I hope you’ve been a good slave and obeyed all my instructions. We’re going to find out, aren’t we? Now strip!”

Your eyes bore into me as a take off my shirt, then quickly kick off my shoes and socks. “Carry on slave,” you say as I unzip my trousers and let them fall to the ground. My arousal is obvious through my CKs and you step in unhook them over my cock and they fall down. “Mmmmm, someone’s pleased to see me” you purr. “Now step onto the scales. Let’s see if I need to punish you.” I take a deep breath and step onto them exhaling as much as I can. The reading comes back as 13 stone 2 pounds. “Oh dear, poor slave” you mock. “You’ve lost 4 pounds since your last visit but still 2 more pounds to go. Have you been working out as I told you?” you circle me inspecting my physique. “Yes, Mistress” I reply, “Five times a week as you instructed. Three weights sessions and two aerobics” “Very good slave” you respond, “but still two more pounds to go” Without warning, you slap my arse hard, twice, I wince, taken by surprise. “Two more to go slave by your next visit,” you say “don’t disappoint me again”.

You fetch my collar and fasten it around my neck. My cock hardens. It’s attached to a metal leash. “Hands and Knees and follow me slave,” you say as you head through to another room, pulling me along as I try to keep up on my hands and knees, allowing me a prolonged view of your incredible legs and arse. My cock bobs between my legs. I love being trained to be a good pet. You wrap the leash around your fist and pull me up to my feet. “Arms above your head” you command as you fit the wrist restraints and string me up to a ceiling hook, pulling the leash tight so I’m on my tiptoes. “Just how I like my slaves” you purr. “Completely at my mercy. Now today we’re going to have a little game of pleasure and pain. For every bit of pleasure, I give you its only fair I give you a little bit of pain. Now would you like me to stroke your cock ten times?” “Yes please, Mistress” I gasp. “Even if after that you have to have some pain” “Yes please Mistress” I repeat. “Mmmn, ok slave” you purr, and you take hold of my cock and pull back on it soft and long. It feels incredible, I’m so hard I feel like my skins going to burst. You continue to milk my cock, counting all the time. I’m so turned on, my breath goes ragged and my eyes roll. I’m so close to cumming already as you press your body against me, one hand stroking my cock the other spreading my cheeks and playing with my arse. I thrust against your hand, gasping as you reach the count of ten and pull your hand away and I thrust helplessly against thin air, stumbling held up only by my chains, so close to the edge, so frustrated, and you laugh wickedly, “Poor slave, so close. But now its time for the pain.” You select a paddle and hold it up examining it in mock exaggeration and turn back towards me, reaching out your hand as if to stroke my cock again and I thrust involuntarily towards it, but you laugh and deftly twist to the side and deliver a hard slap to my arse. “Count” you bark and I count one, then two and on, as you deliver hard cruel blows to my arse, upper thighs and back, paused occasionally to gently trace my bruised flesh with the tips of your fingers sending shivers through me before delivering another hard blow. Finally, the count reaches ten and I stumble against my chains. “Good boy” you sigh contentedly. “Now do you want more pleasure or shall we stop there?”

“More pleasure please Mistress” I can’t help myself, I long for your touch and it starts again taking me to the edge, deep into subspace where I submit completely to your will desperate to please, desperate for release. And then it ends and I just want to cum so bad, but knowing it’s not something I control anymore. It’s down to you, I’m yours ready to do anything you command. This time you return with a pinwheel and again you stroke my cock before rolling the wheel up and down the length of my shaft, little jolts of pain interspersed with pure ecstasy driving me wild. “Push against it” you whisper in my ear as you circle behind me your arms wrapped around my broad chest, teasing and pinching my nipples then dragging the wheel across my body. “It feels so good Mistress” I moan, “I know my slave” you reply, “Now its time for Mistress’s pleasure.” You give my arse another slap and sashay across the room pulling open a drawer allowing me an extended view of your incredible figure. I want you so much. You bend over exaggeratedly knowing the effect you have on me and step into the two thin black leather straps pulling them up to your long legs. My mouth goes dry, I know what’s to come and you hook them up over your waist and turn back to me a wicked smile on your face as you stroke your black 6.5” strap on. “Especially for you slave,” you say. “Its bigger and thicker than the last time but I know you want to take it for your Mistress and please her, don’t you?” “Yes, mistress” I reply. You circle me once more, stopping behind me and pushing against me, “mmmm so much pleasure for your mistress” you sigh, “such a good slave, going to take all of my big cock”

You take down my hands. My whole body feels on fire as you lead me to the bed. “On your back slave you say, I want you to watch me while I fuck you.” You secure my arms spread wide and spread my legs coming up between them, one hand stroking your cock the other holding a bottle of lube. You work some onto your fingers and tease my anus. I can’t help but push against you as I contract then relax and your finger slips inside. I moan. “Feels good doesn’t it slave’ you say and you slip another finger in working me, opening me up as I moan and writhe until you’re satisfied I’m ready, and you lube up your cock position it against me and push slowly but firmly until it eases inside. You pull it outright to the tip and then in again, a little deeper this time, and again, and again until I’m taking the whole length and I can feel it close to my prostate and my cock hardens again, and you start to fuck me slow and deep at first but harder and we both lose ourselves working together in and out as I match your thrusts, wanton, watching your amazing body glistening with sweat now your eyes closed as the strap on presses against your clit. “Fuck me Mistress” I cry “Make your self cum. I want you to cum” and you thrust harder and cry out as you orgasm, waves and waves of pleasure washing over you as you collapse onto me your hands clawing and scratching at my shoulders. After a while, you recover and pull back. “I think you’ve earned your release slave” you smile and you straddle one of my legs and take hold of my cock. “Beg me to cum,” you say as you stroke me and already I’m on the edge. “Please may I cum Mistress” I beg, “Please?!”  You nod, and I explode, arcs of cum jetting out my cock and over my chest, one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had. You milk my cock it’s so sensitive and intense and gradually I come down to earth. You swirl a finger around my chest scooping up my cum and offering it to me. I open my mouth and suck greedily on your fingers. “Again slave,” you say and you feed me my cum until there’s none left.

“I have one more treat for you today” you whisper as you put a blindfold on me. I sigh as your hand traces down over my chest and stomach and starts to gently stroke my cock. I can’t believe its hardening again so soon and start to softly moan until suddenly I feel cold ice rubbed on me and I shiver and soften. Then a new sensation, something pushed roughly onto my cock, a sudden jolt of pain and then a click and then you take off my blindfold, a huge grin on your face as you finger a key on a silver chain around your neck dangling between your mesmerising breasts. I look down in shock and see a cage on my cock. “Now you’re really mine, slave” you laugh as you plant a soft kiss on my lips. “this stays in place till next time”.

To be continued…

Hope you liked!