I’ve been wanting to blog about this topic for quite some time now, and what’s not to like about a blog that is ALL about my ass. And let’s face it, I have a pretty legendary ass. Ok, so I’m going to talk about my ass and its importance in my role as a Femdom goddess, Mistress Dominatrix, and world-renowned mistress. THE ASS gets EVERY man weak, and a good ass can control a man’s life! So, the reason I have included it in the list of my kinks is because my ass symbolizes, strength, power, perfection, health, and discipline. One look at this ass and you know this woman is in control of her life (and potentially you), her appearance, health. It is your role is her humble servant to treasure it, worship it, and admire it in all its glory.

So, my potential slave, you have already perved all over my twitter, Instagram and website, and you have decided that this is the best ass you have seen EVER! and therefore booking a session with me is all that’s on your mind.

Types of butts, and the best one for worship

As you can see from the above table, everyone can relate to one of the above shapes. Genetically I was gifted with the upside down heart which could be argued as the more aesthetically pleasing shape out of all 5 and after years of training sports and good diet I can now describe my ass as a ‘firm and round upside down heart’. Proof? Well just subscribe to my Only Fans and you can view hundreds of clips and images of my round fit ass made to be worshipped!

Let’s talk in-depth why my ass is so great 

  1. Shape – My ass is the result of many hours training at the gym; weights, sprinting, mixed martial arts and Pilates. Its perky, round, strong and is the result of dedication and good genetics. It’s simply made to be a place of worship.
  2. Perfect in fetish wear – A great body like mine coupled with my legendary ass makes a perfect mannequin for fetish wear especially in a latex catsuit. Imagine getting on your knees and staring up at my perfect form and bottom, knowing that I could easily crush your pathetic body with one swipe, your only port of call now is to worship the strength in both my ass cheeks and know that your place as the man is to serve and obey me. Want to buy me an outfit to wear for our session or just simply because you adore me and want to lavish me with beautiful gifts of leather and latex? Then head to my Wishlist and purchase any one of my favourite items.
  3. Made to crush – This is not a weak pathetic ass, it’s not even an average ass, it’s a full bun of steal ass, made to crush and smoother your face so that inhaling or breathing becomes a struggle. And Mistress loves nothing more than watching you struggle underneath her, squirming like a worm for air, and begging her for mercy.
  4. Coercion mechanism – Just one look at my ass and you will be rendered weak and easily coerced into doing anything I please. Even before you meet me in my dungeon, images of my ass will be imprinted on your mind, and the desire to be coerced into darker kinks will increase. You will be my pet and you will learn new tricks.

How to correctly worship my ass

  1. Discretion – Worshiping my ass is not a free for all, meaning just because it’s in my kink interest doesn’t mean you GET TO worship it. It’s entirely under my discretion. I do not need to give reasons why I do not allow you to worship it in the session as reasons may vary or I may have NO REASON AT ALL.
  2. Clothed or bare? – Worship may done while I’m fully clothed (latex or leather) or in an outfit that is exposing my ass cheeks, BUT NEVER NUDE.
  3. Hands – You will, of course, be tempted to grab it, and it is unlikely that I will let you, however, if I do, it is again a discretionary choice of mine.
  4. Where can I kiss Mistress? – Cheeks only!
  5. Ass worship etiquette – I refuse to let you lick my ass or bite it, you will simply kiss each cheek as if you are kissing my hand in an ‘enchante’ type protocol.

I hope this guide has given you some much-needed insight on how to correctly worship my holy bottom and that you follow the rules and protocol as to ensure you please Mistress. I also do custom POV videos of my ass on my Only Fans and rates depend on the length of content. IMPORTANT NOTE – I do not create porn clips!